The question was how to represent new thinking in a new way. How to show new types of buildings that somebody would like and understand. Maybe even the desire to shock a little bit. A new way of how to rediscover my shuttered identity. How to find new form. How to be artistic. How to introduce new reality. How to introduce the realism of the site. Photomontage is a relatively fast technique.

Certainly a technique introduced many decades ago. It is also an attempt to watercolour perspectives of the day. Of course this was a long time before it was possible to use the computer for such processes. It was a personal product. I still resent the anonymity of computer drawing. It still has little unique feeling.

Computer images can promote bad architecture. The difference between good or bad is almost zero. But the unique personal touch is returning. We are almost there with Future Systems´ unique computer-generated photomontage. It is after all the year 2002. The third millennium. (source: Jan Kaplicky. 2002. Confessions: Principles Architecture Process Life. Great Britain: Wiley Academy.)